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The first novel by B.R. Young

The world was on the brink of inhabitation. A.I. were created to populate and restore the world while humanity retreated to farms far below the surface of the Earth, until such time as the world could sustain life once again.

The A.I. grew and learned, eventually enslaving the very humans that had built them. Now after centuries of living in the farms, humanity knows nothing of the world above. They are kept prisoners on the farms for a purpose no one knows. Red66 however is a decrepit A.I. with a human soul bent on giving humanity back its world and will stop at nothing to save them. 

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Make sure you proofread your work.

    “The world had been put through its paces and could take no more, humanity had taken to (should be too) much. The planet was dying, A.I. was created to populate and care for the world untill (until) such time that it could be habitable for humanity once more.

    Humans were forced into farms below ground, managed by the very A.I. they created. The A.I. learned and grew in intelegance (intelligence), knowing that humanity would never learn they farmed humans for menial purposes. Red 66 however decided it was time to let the humans take back their world.”

    Otherwise, looks like a good read. Hope to read it soon.

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    • Thanks for the advice! The book is still being written, far from the editing stages so i haven’t really gone back through and looked it over yet. I try not to do that till im finished otherwise i over think everything and never get anything done with it.

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      • I agree with what you’re saying about writing, but something I’ve learned along the way … whatever you put on your social media, especially your blog, speaks for you. Since you’re an author, it is always in your best interest to proofread what you post before it goes live for the world to see. An editor told me once that if an author can’t take the time to edit and review their own blog posts, readers aren’t going to take that writer seriously as an author. In other words, write to your hearts content and get that story out of you without worrying about edits and thought flow, etc. But the moment you put content in the public eye, make sure it’s free of mistakes.

        By the way, I love the blurb. Sounds like a very interesting story. Keep us all posted on the progress.

        And welcome to the world of writing.

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